Crime of the Truest Kind

EP37 | Elijah Lewis, Merrimack, NH & Unsolved Cases Of The Granite State

December 20, 2022 Anngelle Wood Media Season 2
Crime of the Truest Kind
EP37 | Elijah Lewis, Merrimack, NH & Unsolved Cases Of The Granite State
Show Notes

In October of 2021, a five year old boy was reported missing in Merrimack, New Hampshire after he hadn't been seen for over a month. Any missing child is an emergency. Or should be. Except his mother, whose custody he had been in for just over a year, wasn't who reported him missing.

Why was Elijah Lewis even living with his mother at the time?
And why did she want him gone? This is a difficult story about violence against a child. 

I share information about other unsolved New Hampshire  cases: 

Megan Jimenez, age 2 ½ years
Murdered June 15, 1989, Merrimack NH
Unsolved homicide

Anne Psaradelis and Diane Compagna, age 15 years old 
Missing: July 12, 1973 leaving Hampton Beach for home in Merrimack, NH 
Found: September 29, 1973 in the woods off of New Boston Road in Candia, NH
Unsolved double homicide

Maura Murray
Missing: February 9, 2004, North Haverhill, NH
Maura has not been found

Davyn Hanson, age 15
Missing: Oct 14, 2022, Portsmouth, NH
Davyn has not been found

Harmony Montgomery, 5 when she went missing
Missing: Oct 1, 2019, Manchester, NH
Missing, presumed dead

Tammy Belanger, age 8
Missing: November 13, 1984, Exeter, NH
Tammy has not been found

Paul Herlihy, age 50
Found: August 27,  2003, Milford, NH
Unsolved homicide

Roberta “Bobbie” Miller and dog, Scout
Found: November 1, 2010, Gilford, NH
Unsolved homicide

Domingo Valdes
Found: June 14, 1974, Pelham, NH
Unsolved homicide

Stella Bolton and James J. Moore
Found: February 16, 1991, Portsmouth, NH
Unsolved double homicide

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